Welcome to my Backyearth

Hi there, welcome to My Backyearth! This is were I will attempt to take you along on my travels, if you please. I started this blog knowing that I had quite some travelling ahead of me and as I love writing about it. I always find it very inspiring to read about other people who are discovering beautiful places and are experiencing new cultures, it would be great to do the same for others.

Last June I went on a trip to the US where we explored California, Nevada and Arizona and had the chance to visit some of the amazing national parks of the states, among which the Grand Canyon. In August, I left the Netherlands together with my girlfriend, Anne, to travel Latin America. We started in Cuba, then took a flight to Mexico and from there traveled down to Guatemala. Our mission is to make it all the way down to Patagonia, the most southern point of the Americas. I have visited some beautiful places before starting this blog as well and decided to include them only as photo albums.

For me, there is nothing that beats wondering around a place far from everything I have ever seen before and strolling into the one surprise after the other. Over the past few years I have tried to experience some of the beauties of the world. It is incredible how many times I have already been astonished by the beauty of Earth, while the it seems almost impossible to see everything there is out there (without ticking off a whole country after a few-week/day visit). The places that I have seen and the sensational characteristics of these places, have resulted in an indescribable appreciation for Earth. The people, the food, the animals, the history and the wonders of nature never seize to amaze me.

There is this balance between travelling and being at home which is difficult to find, as it falls differently for everyone. Of course, it is great to love the people around you and the place where you live. It is good to have a home with a nice backyard where you can chill after a day of hard work. A beautiful backyard is something to be proud of and it gives you the energy that you sometimes need. But what if we could extend this definition and we would treat the whole world as our backyard, maybe this would enable us to live a bit more efficiently and treat it with a bit more respect. We should be proud of the world that we live on. It’s truly magnificent and it has enough in store for you to be able to keep exploring for the rest of your life.

Allow me to take you along on my travels, I hope you will enjoy it!