Guatemala: Volunteering at ARCAS, Saving Sea Turtles!

We have just had the most incredible week and I am so excited to tell you about it. When we were still back in the Netherlands, I was going through some Columbus Magazines that we still had at home. I found an article which listed 25 “green journeys” of which number 19 was in Guatemala. The title: “Save Turtles”. The article said that Guatemalan people collect sea turtle eggs for consumption and therewith endanger the 8 existing sea turtle species. As a volunteer at this project, you would patrol the beaches at night and protect the eggs from being taken by people with bad intentions. I immediately sent a picture of the article to Anne and from that point we have been looking forward to contributing to this great project. After a month of travelling in Guatemala, we set out to join ARCAS. It was such a great experience; exhausting but rewarding. I hope you will enjoy the read and if you know of any other such projects on our route to the south, feel free to tell us!

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Guatemala: Learning Spanish in Flores, Discovering Tikal, Swimming in Semuc Champey and Living in Antigua

It keeps surprising me how many beautiful places we encounter on our journey that I never even heard of before we left the Netherlands. Since the start in Havana, we have covered about 3600 km through Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala (Polarsteps). and time seems to fly by. Often we only find out about a place because other travelers told us to go there, which is especially true for some of the things we have seen in Guatemala. Even though we are far from the first travelers getting to this country, it feels like a beautiful hidden gem to us as there are barely any tourists on the most beautiful places. Probably because we are travelling in low season. We are not leaving Guatemala yet but I felt like I already had more than enough  to share. On our mission to the south, we have learned Spanish on the lake-island Flores, visited the astonishing Maya city Tikal, took many and another dive into the waters of Semuc Champey, and found our next stay to be in Antigua.

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