Guatemala: Volunteering at ARCAS, Saving Sea Turtles!

We have just had the most incredible week and I am so excited to tell you about it. When we were still back in the Netherlands, I was going through some Columbus Magazines that we still had at home. I found an article which listed 25 “green journeys” of which number 19 was in Guatemala. The title: “Save Turtles”. The article said that Guatemalan people collect sea turtle eggs for consumption and therewith endanger the 8 existing sea turtle species. As a volunteer at this project, you would patrol the beaches at night and protect the eggs from being taken by people with bad intentions. I immediately sent a picture of the article to Anne and from that point we have been looking forward to contributing to this great project. After a month of travelling in Guatemala, we set out to join ARCAS. It was such a great experience; exhausting but rewarding. I hope you will enjoy the read and if you know of any other such projects on our route to the south, feel free to tell us!

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