Argentina: Seals and Penguins in Puerto Madryn & Trekking in Ushuaia

After the 8 days that we had spent in Buenos Aires, we knew it was about time to continue our journey. Between two weeks back and now, we cover about 4,000 km to the south. First, as to escape the city for a bit and to try out our camping gear, we chill for a few days at lake Chascomús which is just a few hours south of Buenos Aires. Then the more interesting part starts. We travel all the way down to Puerto Madryn. This is where we rent a car and visited a colony of half a million Penguins at Punta Tombo and saw many other animals such as Sea Lions at the Valdes Peninsula. Next up is Ushuaia, “Fin del Mundo” (The end of the world) or the southern most city of the world. Here we do a three day trekking through the beautiful Tierra del Fuego (fire country). All in all, a whole lot to write about again. Hit “Continue Reading” to read more!

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Argentina: A week in the beautiful Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is called “The Paris of the South”. Having lived in Paris for half a year a few years back and having visited it frequently as its only 4 hours driving from our home, I could not wait to finally visit this city and figure out what this whole comparison is all about. In hindsight we can say; yes, it definitely does have a lot of characteristics in common with Paris. It is actually incredible how many times during this week we compared it to something we experienced or know of Paris. The beautiful old buildings in every other street, the passion for food and drink, the careless driving of the inhabitants and the abundance of green in the city. And in addition to what there is to compare, Buenos Aires has so much extra to offer, let alone the friendliness of the people. I am going to try to take you along during our week in Buenos Aires, and maybe, I will be able to convince you to put this city on top of your bucket list (you should). Press “Continue reading” to read about our experience!

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Guatemala: Learning Spanish in Flores, Discovering Tikal, Swimming in Semuc Champey and Living in Antigua

It keeps surprising me how many beautiful places we encounter on our journey that I never even heard of before we left the Netherlands. Since the start in Havana, we have covered about 3600 km through Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala (Polarsteps). and time seems to fly by. Often we only find out about a place because other travelers told us to go there, which is especially true for some of the things we have seen in Guatemala. Even though we are far from the first travelers getting to this country, it feels like a beautiful hidden gem to us as there are barely any tourists on the most beautiful places. Probably because we are travelling in low season. We are not leaving Guatemala yet but I felt like I already had more than enough  to share. On our mission to the south, we have learned Spanish on the lake-island Flores, visited the astonishing Maya city Tikal, took many and another dive into the waters of Semuc Champey, and found our next stay to be in Antigua.

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Cuba: Havana, Viñales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Varadero

There is that moment at which you decide together that it might be fun to go on a long trip, and then there is the morning at which you are actually heading to Schiphol airport to catch your flight to Cuba. And so it begun. Now we have been here for almost three weeks and we can tell you that it has definitely been an experience, Cuba is everything that you may expect and more. Simply walking through the streets is a true joy. People play music at every other corner, richly colored and beautifully shaped houses and cars decorate the streets, and Cuban people relax in their rocking chairs on their porches or use their creativity for finding ways to make a living.

Next to this blog that you are about to continue reading (I hope), you can also follow me on Instagram, where I will place updates more frequently. Additionally, I downloaded a very cool application called Polarsteps, which follows me around by GPS and gives a nice insight of where we are at. Enjoy, and remember, feedback is always welcome!

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