Welcome to My Backyearth

Welcome to My Backyearth, this is were I will attempt to take you along on my travels. With a road-trip through the US (California / Nevada / Arizona), a relaxing holiday on Corfu, Greece and a backpacking trip starting in Cuba with no fixed ending, I guess I will be having enough to share. For me, there is nothing that beats wondering around a place far from everything I have ever seen before and strolling into the one surprise after the other. Over the past few years I have tried to experience some of the beauties of the world. It is incredible how many times I have already been astonished by the beauty of Earth, while the percentage of the world that I have really seen (without ticking off a whole country after a few-week/day visit) is very close to 0. The places that I have seen and the sensational characteristics of these places such as the people, the food, the animals and the wonders of nature, have resulted in an indescribable appreciation for Earth. Of course, it is great to love the people that you know and the place where you live. It is good to have a home with a nice backyard where you can chill after a day of hard work. A beautiful backyard is something to be proud of and it gives you the right energy that you sometimes need. But what if we could extend this definition and we would treat the whole world as our backyard, maybe this would enable us to live a bit more efficiently. Allow me to take you along on a guided tour through My Backyearth.